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Out Of Date - "Bye My Friend"

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Out Of Date - "Bye My Friend"

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Band Bio:

Out Of Date was born in 1999 in Milan, Italy. They play fast melodic hardcore with rock inserts. Along with those features, vocals offer to the listener strong emotions and an energy that will only make you want to see them up on stage.

Their discography includes 1 LP, 1 Split EP, 1 Live CD , 1 Demo and many different compilations from Italian labels, namely "Punk Remake Vol. 1" released by Ammonia Records, where they are the unquestioned leading figure with their remake of "Whenever, Wherever" - originally by the extremely sensual Shakira.

Throughout the last few years, Out Of Date shared the stage with bands like STRUNG OUT (2007 and 2011), MUTE, THIS IS A STANDOFF, MUCH THE SAME, DEROZER, THE SUN, MEGANOIDI, BEER BONG, NORELAX, GAIA CORPORATION, VALLANZASKA and many more.

The new ep "Forget to remember" is coming out on 5th February. It will be presented live with the almighty UNCOMMON MEN FROM MARS in Milan @ Rock 'n Roll Club.

In March a Motorhead tribute compilation will be released by Ammonia Records. Out Of Date will be on it with the song "Born to raise hell".

2013 is goin' to be a year of intense live touring.

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