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Unchained Breathing - "Anthem"

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

Unchained Breathing - "Anthem"

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Unchained Breathing Submits Their "Anthem" for a New Generation!

Unchained Breathing is a melodic Dutch deathcore band that leaves a lot of room for atmospheric parts in their compositions. They have joined forces with Pavels Trebuhins, Tomster Project, Café Bluff and Muziekhuis Guus Aarons in order to make a rock solid videoclip that you will enjoy.

The video tells the story about a boy trying to find his way home.

He walks for days and days on end, nearly killing himself in the process. As his heartbeat drops, he sees a picture of an old machine which was used for the excavation of mines in their hometown of Limburg, Netherlands. After that, he regains his strength and continues his journey.

"Anthem" is a song in which every aspect of Unchained Breathing's ability as a eager, versatile and industrious band are all put together. It contains melody, heavy riffage, and face-crushing breakdowns. Lyrically it's about the place where they have their friends, their loved ones and their safe haven: Home.

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